Miss China 2012 : Ji Dan Xu

Ji Dan Xu

Age: 22

Ji Dan Xu grew up in JiLin Province where she was raised by her grandmother and 11 cousins. She has been dancing since the Age of 6, with a special love for the Flamenco form. She's played piano since the Age of 3 and has competed on a national level. Ji Dan Xu loves traveling, baking, and women's fashion. One day she hopes to have her own fashion brand.

In Her Own Words:
In 10 years I hope to be traveling the world empowering women to be all they can be. I want to teach them to embrace their beauty while embarking on a fulfilling life.

Ji Dan Xu has degrees in Fashion Design, Culinary Arts, and Business ManAgement.
One time, Ji Dan Xu got to appear on stAge with Jackie Chan and singer Song Zu Ying.
Ji Dan Xu's latest hobby is deep sea div12:49 PM 12/10/2012ing.

Miss Chile 2012 : Ana Luisa Konig

Ana Luisa Konig

Age: 22

Ana Luisa König grew up in a rural area, 30 km north of Santiago, Chile. She enjoys outdoor sports such as walking and longboarding. Ana Luisa also loves good music, conversation, and having company. Currently, she is studying fashion design and would love to one day own a textiles factory.

In Her Own Words:
For me, the most important thing is to have enthusiasm in day to day life.

If Ana Luisa could meet any celebrity, it would be Jack Nicholson.
Ana Luisa likes to play the guitar.
Ana Luisa recently learned how to surf, and really enjoys it.

Miss Cayman Islands 2012 : Lindsay Katarina Japal

Lindsay Katarina Japal

Age: 24

Lindsay Japal was born and raised in George Town. An avid diver, Lindsay is always trying to find ways to connect with her environment and spend time outdoors. In her free time, Lindsay likes to try new foods, relax with a good book, or watch old movie with her mother. Currently, Lindsay is studying finance and marketing so she can pursue a successful career in the financial service industry.

In Her Own Words:
Living in a small country with over 100 different nationalities represented, I have learned to appreciate diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. I believe that this makes me an ideal representative for my country.

Growing up, Lindsay avidly played both the clarinet and steel drums.
Lindsay is an official member of the Cayman Islands Ocean Literacy Committee.
Lindsay's dream job is to be a journalist for National Geographic. She'd also love to be a food critic.

Miss Canada 2012 : Adwoa Yamoah

Adwoa Yamoah

Age: 26
Adwoa Yamoah was born in Ghana, Accra and immigrated to Canada, where her and her family eventually settled down in Calgary. Adwoa’s biggest passion in life is dancing, an art she has been partaking in throughout most of her life. Adwoa's other significant pastimes include reading nonfiction books and indulging in cultural arts such as plays and museums. Adwoa has a degree in Marketing Management and now works for a media entertainment company in her home city of Calgary.

In her Own Words:
My life motto is ‘Always stand for something because if you don't, you'll fall for anything.

Adwoa used to be a cheerleader for the Canadian Football League, and was once accidentally tackled by three players.
Adwoa's most unusual job was working as a DJ.
One day Adwoa hopes to open an international Advertising Agency that strongly focuses on interactive media.

Miss Bulgaria 2012 : Zhana Yaneva

Zhana Yaneva

Age: 23
Zhana Yaneva grew up in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria, with her family. Her interests include tennis, skiing, and jogging in the park. Zhana spends much of her time volunteering with orphanAges, something she plans to continue to do for the rest of her life. She also dreams of one day having her own television program where important topics can be discussed.

In Her Own Words:
My parents are the people who have brought me up and taught me to be what I am now...they have shown me the most important thing is to make a difference between good and bad and to have the courAge to fulfill my dreams.

Zhana's most treasured possession is a gold coin, which has been passed down from her great-great-great-grandmother.
When Zhana was younger, she used to collect different napkins from everywhere she traveled.

Miss British Virgin Islands 2012 : Abigail Hyndman

Abigail Hyndman

Age: 22

Abigail Hyndman grew up between the U.S and British Virgin Islands. Growing up in the islands, she had a very peaceful childhood where the air was filled with the sea breeze. Abigail is currently studying Biology at the Xavier University of Louisiana in efforts to pursue her goal of becoming a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Her favorite ways to spend time include reading, cooking, and hanging out with her family.

In Her Own Words:
Aside from medicine I see myself owning a small bakery that caters to the many people who yearn sweets as much as I. The child in me still lives on!

Abigail loves science, and spends hours reading biomedical research journals for fun.
Jennifer Hudson is Abigail's celebrity role model as she admires her accomplishments in life.
Abigail almost became a nun when she was a sophomore in college, and volunteered extensively with the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.

Miss Brazil 2012 : Gabriela Markus

Gabriela Markus

Age: 24
Gabriela Markus grew up in a small town in Brazil. She enjoys going to the movies, the theatre, and listening to good music. Gabriela is currently studying Food Engineering at the University of State of Rio Grande do Sul and has worked for her school's microbiology laboratory.

In Her Own Words:
I keep this quote in mind and consider it my motto: ‘Believe in yourself and fly. When we believe in our goals and dreams, we must trust in ourselves.'

Gabriela collects cups, and buys a new one each place she travels.
Gabriela got to conquer her fear of heights when she went parachute jumping in Hawaii.
When she was younger, Gabriela took both jazz dance classes and German dance classes.

Miss Botswana 2012 : Sheillah Molelekwa

Age: 19

Sheillah Molelekwa was raised in a small villAge by her grandmother. Eventually, she moved in with her mother in Gaborone. Sheillah likes to spend her free time reading, swimming, drawing and singing. She is most passionate about helping others around her, and is always looking to participate in ways through which she can benefit those in need. Currently, Sheillah is studying Accounting at Botho Colloege in the capital of Botswana. With this degree, Sheillah hopes to become an auditor at a national bank.

In Her Own Words:
All my life I want to be able to give back to the community in every way possible.

If Sheillah could meet any celebrity, it would be Russell Simmons.
Sheillah's most treasured possession is her Bible.
If Sheillah were to win the lottery, she would use her earnings to build a cancer hospital in her home country.

Miss Bolivia 2012 : Yessica Mouton Gianella

Yessica Mouton Gianella

Age: 24

Yessica Mounton lived in many cities throughout her home country of Bolivia. Her favorite way to spend time is with her big family. She also enjoys playing basketball and traveling. Currently, Yessica is studying Public Relations at the Universidad Nur in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in efforts to achieve her dream of being the CEO of her own PR firm.

In Her Own Words:
I think that our governors should work in giving better education and health conditions to people, so they can develop skilled labor and generate improvements in the entire economy.

If Yessica could meet anyone from the past, it would be Nelson Mandela.
Yessica buys something handmade from every place she visits.
The person who has most influenced Yessica's life is her mother.

Miss Belgium 2012 : Laura Beyne

Miss Belgium 2012

Age: 20

Laura Beyne grew up in the multicultural city of Brussels, Belgium. With a father from Belgium and a mother from Congo, Laura was raised in both cultures as the youngest child in a large family. She enjoys dancing, singing and sports. Laura has several career ambitions in hopes of traveling the world, ranging from working as a businesswoman in real estate to modeling.

In Her Own Words:
I'm not very attached to material things, but I could not live one day without my family and friends.

One of Laura's biggest dreams is to build a hospital in Congo with her father.
If Laura could meet any celebrity, it would be Nelson Mandela.
Laura believes that the most important thing in life is a good education.

Miss Bahamas 2012 : Celeste Marshall

Miss Bahamas 2012 Celeste Marshall

Age: 20

Celeste Marshall was born and raised in the island of New Providence, Bahamas. She spent her childhood going to the beach, modeling, and dancing. In 10 years from now, Celeste hopes to be running a successful Pediatric Clinic.

In Her Own Words:
My family has been such an incredible source of support for me, and this has been one of the most important components to my success.

In order to learn Spanish, Celeste lived in Guatemala for six months.
Celeste Marshall likes to collect teddy bears.
If Celeste could meet any celebrity, it would be Beyonce.

Miss Australia 2012 : Renae Ayris

Age: 22

Renae Ayris was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Renae has worked as a professional model in both Sydney and Germany. She also has a passion for dance and loves jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop and contemporary forms. Renae's interests include travel, cosmetics, photography, fashion and baking.

In Her Own Words:
I am an honest, down to earth person. I take everything at face value and try not to judge. From the beginning of this Miss Universe journey I have continued to be true to myself.

If Renae could meet any celebrity, she would like to meet Miranda Kerr and discuss their upbringings and her career path.
A dream job for Renae is to be a model for Victoria's Secret.
Renae's most treasured possession is her cat, Lila.

Bikini Babes

Miss Aruba 2012 : Liza Nerelyn Helder

Age: 23

Liza Helder was born and raised in the small community of Santa Cruz. Liza tried many sports, such as tennis, basketball, and taekwondo but eventually discovered her true passion in life was synchronized swimming. Currently, Liza is studying both Pharmacology and Political Science so she can one day work in philanthropy to help neglected children in need.

In Her Own Words:
I am determined to not stop until I have achieved my purposes in life, which are to serve others, help people, and give them the love and spirit that God has blessed me with.

Liza's interests include fashion, biographies, and collecting interesting articles and photos from "Time" magazine.
Liza's most treasured possession in her birthstone ring, which was a special gift from her grandfather.
Liza was part of Aruba's national synchronized swimming team, "The Barracudas", for 10 years.

Miss Argentina 2012 : Camila Solorzano Ayusa

Age: 23

Camila Solorzano spent her childhood in Tafi Viejo, a city located in Tucumán. She loves learning about other cultures, so she enjoys traveling and studying topics such as history and geography. Camila also enjoys volunteering, and spending her remaining free time sharing memories with family and friends. Currently, Camila works as a model while starting her degree in Marketing.

In Her Own Words:
Life is to be enjoyed by being a good person and avoiding problems that already have solutions.

Fun Facts:
Camilla loves dancing, and her favorite style is ballet.
The person who has impacted Camilla's life most is her grandmother.
The most interesting job Camilla has ever had was when she volunteered with a geriatric unit and gave the members makeovers.

Miss Angola 2012 : Marcelina Vahekeni

Age: 22

Marcelina Vahekeni grew up in a humble village in the South of Angola. She had a very happy childhood, despite the political tensions in her country at the time. Her biggest interest is cooking. Currently, Marcelina works in social work, but dreams of one day opening her own cosmetic company.

In Her Own Words:
I believe that the most important aspects in life are to be humble, open to learning from others, and always keeping in mind that everything starts at home.

If Marcelina could meet any celebrity, it would be Michelle Obama as she admires her.
The person who has most influenced Marcelina’s life is her mother.
Marcelina's most prized possession is a pair of shoes her father gave her from Russia

Miss Albania 2012 : Adrola Dushi

Age: 19Adrola Dushi was brought up in Rreshen. Her interests include swimming, dancing, shopping, modeling, and watching movies. Currently, she is studying Public Relations and Communications at the European University of Tirana. If Adrola could have any job in the world, she would become an architect.

In Her Own Words:
My family has had the most influence on my life, because they have always been next to me and have supported me in every step I've taken.

If Adrola could meet any celebrity, it would be her idol Naomi Campbell.

Adrola's most treasured possession is an old coin she inherited from her grandmother.

According to Adrola, the biggest problems facing the world today are pollution and global warming.

Miss India 2012

Shilpa Singh Miss India 2012

Personal Details....
Age: 23
Birth Place: Samastipur(Bihar), India
Occupation: Software Engineer
Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Shilpa Singh is a passionate dancer and runway model who has lived in over 8 cities across her home country of India. She is thankful for this because it has given her the opportunity to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Nowadays, Shilpa works as a software engineer for a company based in India. 
In Her Own Words:
I dance when I'm happy, when I'm sad, and when I'm angry. It's the best channel for me to express my feelings and emotions.
Shilpa mentored and trained a team of girls to walk on the runway for a fashion show.
The person who has influenced Shilpa's life the most is her father.

Shilpa Singh enjoys cooking, playing basketball, swimming, and playing pool.