Miss British Virgin Islands 2012 : Abigail Hyndman

Abigail Hyndman

Age: 22

Abigail Hyndman grew up between the U.S and British Virgin Islands. Growing up in the islands, she had a very peaceful childhood where the air was filled with the sea breeze. Abigail is currently studying Biology at the Xavier University of Louisiana in efforts to pursue her goal of becoming a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Her favorite ways to spend time include reading, cooking, and hanging out with her family.

In Her Own Words:
Aside from medicine I see myself owning a small bakery that caters to the many people who yearn sweets as much as I. The child in me still lives on!

Abigail loves science, and spends hours reading biomedical research journals for fun.
Jennifer Hudson is Abigail's celebrity role model as she admires her accomplishments in life.
Abigail almost became a nun when she was a sophomore in college, and volunteered extensively with the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.

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