Miss Botswana 2012 : Sheillah Molelekwa

Age: 19

Sheillah Molelekwa was raised in a small villAge by her grandmother. Eventually, she moved in with her mother in Gaborone. Sheillah likes to spend her free time reading, swimming, drawing and singing. She is most passionate about helping others around her, and is always looking to participate in ways through which she can benefit those in need. Currently, Sheillah is studying Accounting at Botho Colloege in the capital of Botswana. With this degree, Sheillah hopes to become an auditor at a national bank.

In Her Own Words:
All my life I want to be able to give back to the community in every way possible.

If Sheillah could meet any celebrity, it would be Russell Simmons.
Sheillah's most treasured possession is her Bible.
If Sheillah were to win the lottery, she would use her earnings to build a cancer hospital in her home country.

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