Miss Australia 2012 : Renae Ayris

Age: 22

Renae Ayris was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Renae has worked as a professional model in both Sydney and Germany. She also has a passion for dance and loves jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop and contemporary forms. Renae's interests include travel, cosmetics, photography, fashion and baking.

In Her Own Words:
I am an honest, down to earth person. I take everything at face value and try not to judge. From the beginning of this Miss Universe journey I have continued to be true to myself.

If Renae could meet any celebrity, she would like to meet Miranda Kerr and discuss their upbringings and her career path.
A dream job for Renae is to be a model for Victoria's Secret.
Renae's most treasured possession is her cat, Lila.

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