Miss Cayman Islands 2012 : Lindsay Katarina Japal

Lindsay Katarina Japal

Age: 24

Lindsay Japal was born and raised in George Town. An avid diver, Lindsay is always trying to find ways to connect with her environment and spend time outdoors. In her free time, Lindsay likes to try new foods, relax with a good book, or watch old movie with her mother. Currently, Lindsay is studying finance and marketing so she can pursue a successful career in the financial service industry.

In Her Own Words:
Living in a small country with over 100 different nationalities represented, I have learned to appreciate diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. I believe that this makes me an ideal representative for my country.

Growing up, Lindsay avidly played both the clarinet and steel drums.
Lindsay is an official member of the Cayman Islands Ocean Literacy Committee.
Lindsay's dream job is to be a journalist for National Geographic. She'd also love to be a food critic.

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